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Petitions are an important way for people to voice their concerns and influence decisions being made. E-Petitions allows you to do that electronically. If you live, work, or study in Gateshead you can lend support to existing e-petitions or create a new e-petition.


If you want to get involved, it is essential that you read the general Petition Scheme guidance. If you would prefer to submit a petition in writing, please go to the Petition page which contains the relevant address details.


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If you are considering creating a new e-petition, it is a good idea to have a look at the existing e-petitions first, because someone else may already have submitted the same or a similar e-petition. If you decide that you want to lend support to any of the active e-petitions, you can simply add your name and address to the e-petition. This means that you can see the names of those who have supported the e-petition, but don't worry, your full address will not be shown. (Note: you must have an email address so that we can confirm your signature) 

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Do you want to create a new e-petition?

To create a new e-petition you must first register as a 'Lead Petitioner'. As lead petitioner, you can then set up your e-petition, clearly outlining what you would like the Council to do or not to do. You will be the primary contact if we need to get in touch.


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