Transport Consultation - Front Street Winlaton - Experimental Order 2020

Notice is hereby given that on the 15th July 2020 the Borough Council of Gateshead made an experimental traffic order 'The Borough Council of Gateshead (Front Street, Winlaton) Experimental Traffic Order 2020'.

The Order comes into operation on 27th July 2020 on an experimental basis and it will be in force for a maximum period of 18 months and the effect of the Order will be to amend:

1. The Borough Council of Gateshead (Traffic Movements) (Consolidation) Order 2010 by introducing a one way system along:

  1. Front Street, Winlaton from a point 43 metres south west of the junction with Branch Street to the junction with Sandhill over a distance of 95.8 metres in a westerly direction; and
  2. Front Street, Winlaton between Branch Street and Commercial street in a south easterly direction for a distance of 52 metres.

2. The Borough Council of Gateshead (Winlaton Area) (Amendment) Order 2007 by:

  1. Removing parts Front Street from Schedule 4 Part 2 ‘Limited Waiting – One Hour in any two hours between 8.00am and 6.00pm (Monday – Saturday);
  2. Insert part of Church Street into Schedule 3 ‘No Waiting at Any Time’; and
  3. Create a new Schedule 7 ‘No Loading At Any Time’ and insert part of Church Street.

The reason for proceeding by way of an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order is to enable the Council to introduce a one-way system to Front Street and to prohibit parking and loading to create a safe area for pedestrians which is in line with the government guidance on maintaining social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Council will be considering in due course whether the provisions of the Experimental Traffic Regulation Order should be continued in force indefinitely. Within a period of 6 months from 27th July 2020, any person may object to the making of such a permanent order.  Any such objection must be in writing, stating the grounds on which it is made, and be sent to the Strategic Director of Corporate Services and Governance at Gateshead Council Civic Centre, Regent Street, Gateshead NE8 1HH.  Any comments in support of the Experimental Traffic Regulation Order are also invited during this period.

The draft order together with plans and a statement of the Council's reasons for proposing to make the order can be viewed and downloaded below.

Start: 27 July 2020
Ends: 26 January 2021
Contact: Legal Traffic Orders
t: 0191 433 3000
e: legaltrafficorders@