Transport Consultation - Transforming Cities Funding - Quays Sustainable Access Proposals

The Council welcome your comments on proposals to uplift the pedestrian facilities in the Gateshead Quays area, by widening footways, implementing new and improved crossing facilities at junctions and other key links where clear desire lines exist for pedestrians.

The Quays area is undergoing some major transformation with new developments that will attract many more visitors to the area, therefore we aim to better connect the Town Centre with the Quays area, creating safer routes for pedestrians and accommodating those more vulnerable highway users and improving accessibility for all.

You can download a copy of the 'Plan' below. 

These proposals include:

• Hawks Road – Widened footways and shared-use areas, new and improved crossing facilities complementing the new developments, in particularly NewcastleGateshead Quays that will house a new arena, exhibition and conference centre.

• Oakwellgate – Improved signalised junction and crossing facilities at Hawk’s Road, widened footways and shared-use facilities and new provision for pedestrian crossing.

• A167 High Street – Improved single-stage signalised crossing facility that will allow more pedestrians to cross safely at once and without having to wait for a long period. This intervention, however, is subject to the outcome of an experimental traffic order as part of another project. The experimental traffic order, albeit affects this scheme, is subject to a separate legal process and therefore this proposal may not progress exactly as shown on the consultation drawing depending on the outcome of that experimental order process.

• West Street – Improved crossing facilities at the junction with Nelson Street, affording more visibility for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike in which to communicate to each other and negotiate the junction.

If you wish to find out more about developments around the Quays, please visit:

NewcastleGateshead Quays

Invest Gateshead

Start: 01 June 2021
Ends: 25 June 2021
Contact: Transport Team
t: 0191 433 3000
e: transportconsultations@