Discretionary Rate Relief Policy

Gateshead Council is undergoing a consultation exercise to seek the views of interested parties on a revised Discretionary Rate Relief Policy. The consultation questionnaire should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. Your views are important and we would like as many responses as is possible to guide future schemes.

The Council is required to provide 'mandatory rate relief' at the level of 80% to registered charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs. 

In addition to this, the Council can award Discretionary Rate Relief (DRR) to 'business ratepayers' who occupy property and are not established or conducted for profit. This relief can be in the form of a further top up to the 80% already provided or any other amount.

Started: 09 December 2016
Ended: 06 January 2017
Contact: Mr Graeme Moffitt
t: 0191 433 4700
e: graememoffitt@ gateshead.gov.uk