Reconsider the Proposed Restructure of Gateshead Schools’ Music Service

We request the Council reconsider the proposal to restructure Gateshead Schools’ Music Service. GSMS proposes to stop offering small group instrumental tuition to schools from September 2021. Thousands of children in Gateshead have benefited from this tuition over the many years the music service has been in existence and we believe that current and future children should have the same opportunities.

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The proposed restructure of the music service will reduce the offer to schools to whole class ensemble tuition and classroom music/curriculum support only. As such it will no longer have small group or individual instrumental tuition as part of its core provision. This will impact negatively on all young people in Gateshead as there will no longer be affordable progression opportunities for learning a musical instrument in a small group. These opportunities are needed now more than ever, post COVID, to give children stability, normality, emotional release and the connection with other children through music making, which they have so sadly been deprived of recently. Please sign our petition to request that the Council reconsider the proposed restructure.

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Miss Judith Thompson

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31 May 2021