Past consultations

Why do we want your views?

In 2013 the Council published a design guide for Coatsworth Conservation Area. This year we have drafted further detailed design guidance that would form an Appendix to the original guide. We want your views, and particularly the views of residents, retailers and building owners in the area on the draft Appendix.

Start: 01 Aug 2018
Ends: 12 Sep 2018
Why do we want your views?

In June 2015 the government requested that local authority adoption services pool together to form regional adoption agencies. In the North East five authorities – Gateshead Council, Newcastle City Council, North Tyneside Council, Northumberland County Council and South Tyneside Council – have developed Adopt North East, a regional adoption agency. Voluntary adoption agencies including After Adoption, ARC Adoption, Barnardo’s and Durham Family Welfare also provided insight during the development of Adopt North East. Throughout the development of Adopt North East all partner agencies have been clear on the vision and objectives of the new service

Start: 04 Jul 2018
Ends: 28 Aug 2018
Why do we want your views?

If you live in Gateshead, we need to know your views so we can understand what it's like to live in your area. This helps us plan our services and deal with the issues that matter to you most.

Start: 25 Jun 2018
Ends: 26 Aug 2018
Why do we want your views?

In April 2019, the Council will be renewing its contract for provision of a sexual health service in Gateshead. To ensure we get the best service possible, we want your views on what works well or not so well with the current service. The survey is open for anyone to complete, however, it is particularly designed for service users.

Start: 02 May 2018
Ends: 31 May 2018
Why do we want your views?

The Council proposes to implement a parking restriction scheme on the Garden House Estate in Crawcrook.

The purpose of the scheme is to alleviate parking issues related to Emmaville Primary School by introducing a series of single and double yellow lines, particularly in and around the entrance into the park.

Start: 05 Mar 2018
Ends: 31 Mar 2018