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Current consultations

Why do we want your views?

Our vision for health and wellbeing in Gateshead is that everyone has ‘Good jobs, homes, health and friends’. To achieve that, we have drafted a Physical Activity Strategy to guide us in getting Gateshead moving. Have your say on the strategy in it's draft form.

Start: 03 Aug 2022
Ends: 30 Aug 2022
Why do we want your views?

The Council consulted on a Masterplan and Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for Exemplar Neighbourhood early in 2022. Exemplar neighbourhood is a major redevelopment proposal close to Gateshead town centre which will create hundreds of new homes on brownfield land. Taking on board comments made in the last consultation, we have now revised the document.

Start: 18 Jul 2022
Ends: 28 Aug 2022
Why do we want your views?

The Gateshead Health and Wellbeing Board is required to produce a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) to assess the health needs of the population, current pharmaceutical provision and any gaps in provision. Comments are welcomed on the draft PNA.

Start: 29 Jun 2022
Ends: 27 Aug 2022