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Current consultations

Why do we want your views?

This survey is for completion by residents of Gateshead who serve or have previously served in the UK Armed Forces or UK Armed Forces Reserves. Gateshead Council and its partners want to ensure that they are doing everything they can to meet the welfare needs of those serving or who have previously served. The findings of this survey will add local insight to our understanding of need and help us to direct our support. For those who have or are serving, once you've completed the survey you can also enter our prize draw to be in with a chance to win a £50 Amazon gift voucher.

Start: 14 Nov 2022
Ends: 12 Dec 2022
Why do we want your views?

Gateshead Council is consulting with parents, schools, diocesan bodies, Governors and local authorities on all, aspects of the Councils admission arrangements and any proposed changes to school admission arrangements for September 2024 and beyond.

Start: 07 Nov 2022
Ends: 16 Dec 2022
Why do we want your views?

The Council would like to hear your views on the future of Leisure Services in Gateshead. This consultation is your opportunity to be open and honest about leisure in our borough, and in particular to tell us what impact you would feel should a Council leisure centre that you use close. In addition, we want to hear any ideas you may have about how the Service can be improved.

Start: 02 Nov 2022
Ends: 20 Dec 2022