Current consultations

Why do we want your views?

It is anticipated the Council has a funding gap of £58.4 million over the next five years, including £18.6 million in the first year. We are looking for views on our budget and council tax proposals for 2021-22.

Start: 19 Jan 2021
Ends: 09 Feb 2021
Why do we want your views?

Gateshead Council is consulting with parents, schools, diocesan bodies, Governors and local authorities on all, aspects of the Council's admission arrangements and proposed changes to its school admission arrangements for September 2022 and beyond.

Start: 11 Jan 2021
Ends: 19 Feb 2021
Why do we want your views?

The Council is seeking views on the draft Gateshead Council Speed Management Plan, which was approved as a basis for consultation by Cabinet on 20th October. The Speed Management Plan (SMP) sets out how the Council will develop and implement its approach to speed management, including the setting of speed limits, thereby helping to minimise the number and severity of accidents.

Comments are welcomed from people living, travelling and working across the borough. This may cover the aims and principles of the plan, the Council’s approach to identifying and prioritising works, and the Council’s approach to setting speed limits and introducing speed management engineering measures, as well as any further comments on the rest of the Plan.

Start: 07 Dec 2020
Ends: 28 Feb 2021