Leisure Service Consultation

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In February 2022 we sought views from you on the use of and reasons for using leisure centres, as well as trying to understand the impact that the Covid 19 pandemic had on usage. Feedback from that consultation is available on our website at www.gateshead.gov.uk/consultationspast. The results of that consultation have informed discussions about the future of leisure services in Gateshead, and we now want to further refine our understanding so that final proposals can be made and agreed.

The purpose of this survey is to consult with you on our proposal that some of our leisure centres will have to close. The main reason for this is that the service has become unaffordable in its current form and to enable us to afford to continue providing any form of leisure service in Gateshead in the future we must take drastic action.

We want to consult with you on how the closures would impact you and your family, how we should prioritise the swimming activities we offer and also learn from any suggestions you may have about how the service could be delivered.

The results of this survey will be used in conjunction with other information, such as leisure centre service usage, financial records, site performance etc, to inform the final proposals for leisure centres and how best to manage them.

Please note that Gateshead International Stadium is not included in this survey as it will be part of a separate review.

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