Street Lights in Springwell

The young people of Springwell would like the council to work on providing street lights in an area of Springwell Estate called 'The Lines'. They have identified that this is a walkway used by the whole community which is unfortunately very dark and therefore dangerous at night. Having street lights would decrease crime in the area and would help the whole community to feel safer when walking at night. #BrightLightsForDarkNights #StopCrimeOnTheLines

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A group of young people from the Springwell Estate have been meeting weekly to work on a social action project to help prevent knife crime after being personally effected by it last year. They decided that they would like to campaign for street lights as they identified that this would mean they would feel safer in their community and they strongly believe that this would decrease all crime on the estate. #BrightLightsForDarkNights #StopCrimeOnTheLines


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Miss Rebecca Harrop

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15 Jun 2023